Sunday, January 11, 2009


So my New Years resolution is to actually update my blog. Here we go...

Well we brought in the new year at home with friends. It was a blast. We grilled, had a bonfire, smores, a forest fire, a few minor injuries and lots of laughs. Thanks to everybody that came to hang out! Oh if you're wondering about the forest fire, umm yes it really happend. While Adam and Jonathan were launching massive fire works from the front yard, the base of Adams exploded and then fell sideways launching about 100yds in the woods. At first one of the very observant ladies, Allsion or Sam, mentioned she saw fire. At first we all laughed and then the flames staretd to get bigger. Adam and Russ were the first fire fighters to the scene. Adam stomped flames in sandels and Russ was jumping around in 2ft flames since he was the only one with shoes on. Ronnie held the flash light. Cham yelled "Get some water" Jonathan said "umm how are we gonna get it out there" as he ran by with a shovel. Thankfully our fearless men survived and put out the fire about 30 sec before we called 911. Oh and Joanthan and Keith totally got mamed by the briars. There was also this little incident were someone tried to light a giant sparkler on a propane heater. Yep, doesn't sound like a good idea, it wasn't. Carla did a little log rollin to escape the hissing, flaming heater, but Ronnie saved us. All in all a little dangerous, but lots of fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pics of AU game day at our house

This is the newest member of our family. He is very old and very cute. He is the best behaved dog ever. He really sleeps 16 hours at a time. Without can be a little creepy, except that he snores and passes gas in his sleep so you know he is alive.


Yes that was the score of the game we all gathered to watch on Saturday. We had 16 people descend on our little house. Thank goodness we have more than enough yard space. We spent most of the day outside playing cornhole, eating really good snacks, watching the 7 dogs torment us and each other and making fun of each other... in love of course. So here are all the pics I could post. It really was so nice to have our family and extended family of friends gathered in one place. We are so blessed to have them! ~RAE


On Friday night the 12th, Jonathan, me and 2 of our closest friends Adam and Allison went to Riverfest in Decatur. The drive was a little long, considering this is the day gas jumped to almost $5 for the first time ever in my life, oh and because we got lost a little. Anyway we ate awesome BBQ, and got to see Rollin in the Hay and then Zac Brown. He was even better than the last time we saw him. It was so so much fun. Oh and Rick from Rollin in the Hay was more into his music than he has been the last several times we saw them. He was so animated... it felt like the ol' days. The guys got their pic with Zac. They were excited. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. ~RAE

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So we went down to one of the best places on earth this weekend... A.U.B.U.R.N. We has a little disaster thanks to our bff's the Hardy's. We were suppose to stay in their RV, but it died. (Rest in peace blue goose.) Anyway so the four of us were in AU with no place to stay and some of us without clothes. Just a little inconvenient, however we did have a generator and a satellite. Anyway we hit up Amy for some floor space and some running water. Yeah we got to take showers. She even made cinnamon rolls for breakfast... Thanks AMY. Anyway we ate dinner fri night at the Ole Auburn Ale House. It was way good. Our portions were ummm huge! So talegating was fun. Clay,, J'Dub and Allison came down the next day along with another Rachel. JP cooked up some awesome burgers. We had tons of food, friends, cornhole, a great view of Jordan-Hare and a prime spot on red neck row (wire road) ... what else could you ask for? Oh and the game was a shut out with the defense scoring the first TD of the season. Afterwards some of us headed to Toomer's Corner. This was a first for Allison... congrats on getting saved! Then we tried to avoid traffic, which did not happen... Thanks for driving home Jonathan. I slept. ~Rae

Babies and Apple pie

YEAH! Roslyn and I finally found time to hang out. She came over last tuesday with Olivia and Alyssa. We made an apple pie and played with doggies and kiddies. It was nice to catch up with my oldest friend, but nothing has changed, between us that is. We still talk about everything and say whatever is on our minds. So here are some pics of the girls. Allyssa is so cute!!!
aww...Oliva and Ernie take a nap.

Doggie Days

Yes I know that I am behind but I am making up for it. For those of you who didnt hear, we went on a family vacation. Jonathan, me, Tiny and Scout. Yes, that is our fam. Anyway we went to St George Island, about 70 miles from Panama city. My aunt and uncle vaca here and recommended it. It was a 7 hour drive with only 2 stops. So the boys did awesome and loved the beach. Apparently sand is way more fun to dig in than dirt or grass. I got covered on several occasions.

Tiny loved the ocean, except when waves went over his head. Scout was not so fond of the water, he thought the surf was chasing him. St George is very dog friendly. Everyone around us had dogs. We had very social neighbors that came to visit Tiny and Scout everyday. The boys got to stay off of their leashes for the most part. Two days into our trip we walked across the street to do some shopping. While we were out a tornado or water spout blew the power lines to the island down. So we were at the beach with no power (that means no air conditioning) for about 2 days. Oh did i mention that it rained every day, most of the day!!! Thats ok, we just played in the rain on the beach, the dogs didn't really care for layin' out anyway. Leslie and Joseph came down to visit inn the middle of the stay and brought Rainey. Our dogs layed on her little 2ft bed like they didnt have a huge blanket or couch available. They got along great though. We were very thankful for the company and entertainment since we had no power. We had lots of awesome food Joseph cooked and ate at some great places. Appilachicola is an awesome little down. We ate a the Owl Cafe and it was one of the best places Ive ever been. Also we went to a chocolate store...yummmm! Lots of cute little shops. Im sure I left some details out(like we followed gps and took a dirt road home) but ya'll get the idea. We had a blast playing in the rain.